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This Sunday at PHBC

Here you can find all our documents, handouts, songs, and more for this Sunday! These resources are once again available in print format at the church on Sunday mornings, or if you prefer, you can print them out or download them to your phone to have for worship!


Sunday, May 9


Children's Worship Packet

May Church Calendar (the monthly church calendar is available in print on the last Sunday of the previous month)

Worship Songs


Sunday Morning Update

Sunday Morning Groups

We have Sunday morning groups for all ages. Face masks are required (5-yr-old and younger are exempt from this requirement, but if your child will wear a face mask, we encourage it). Appropriate social distancing must be maintained.

Sunday Morning Children's Ministry

We have children's Sunday School for all ages (groupings may be different right now than prior to the pandemic). We are screening all children and all childcare volunteers with a touchless thermometer when they enter the class. [NOTE to parents of toddlers and those who may volunteer in the toddler room. We recognize that it is nearly impossible to "require" social distancing in a toddler room. These children WILL get close to one another. Our goal is to limit social contact as best as possible. Please see my comments below about why we're introducing children's ministry if we already know that it will be hard to keep them apart.]

We still have not restarted Sonshine Kids worship on Sunday mornings, but we are actively discussing the restart of this ministry. Please check back soon for more updates. We do have infant and toddler care available during the worship service, but we will continue to ask our elementary-age students to stay in the worship service.

Weekday Growth Groups

All weekday growth groups may use the building to host their groups. Masks and social distancing is a requirement. If you're a weekday growth group leader, please email Sheila Astacio ( ) to reserve a room.

Why Masks?

Who likes wearing a mask? I don't know of anyone who enjoys the mask, so, why are we requiring them? It's a way we can love our neighbor. Masks still help prevent the spread of potentially fatal diseases. As more and more people get vaccinated, and as COVID cases go down, the mask mandate will hopefully soon be a thing of the past. But for now, it's a small thing to do, and it shows that we esteem others as more important than ourselves (see Phil 2:1-11).

But, does wearing a mask mean that we're living in fear? NO! Wearing a mask doesn't mean that we're motivated by fear any more than wearing a seatbelt means that we're motivated by fear. We wear our seatbelts because it's wise and prudent. It keeps us from getting injured in the case of an accident. Wearing a mask keeps others from suffering potential harm. It's a small thing to do. Let's love our neighbors!

Why Children's Ministry at This Time?

The public gathering of the people of God is important! We're commanded in Scripture not to forsake our gathering together (see Hebrews 10:25).  We think this is important for children and for adults. Through our safety protocols, we don't believe we're putting any children at any unnecessary risk through our children's ministry. In fact, throughout the time of the pandemic, we have no record of COVID transmission among our children and youth. If you want to talk with me about the safety protocols we have in place, I'd be happy to discuss these measures with you.