Men's Ministry


Join Us Sundays at 10:30AM
37 Glymont Road,  Indian Head, MD 20640

Men's Ministry

PHBC has an active and vibrant men's ministry. The purposes of our men's ministry are fivefold. First, we strive to educate men on the roles God calls them to fulfill. Second, we believe men ought to be active in their service to the church and the community. Third, men should develop and enter into mutually accountable relationships with one another. Fourth, men should use their talents and passions to be active witnesses for Christ. And, fifth, our men's ministry should provide a place of support for men.

We welcome you to come and join us for any upcoming events. Here are some of the regular reoccurring events for the PHBC Men's Ministry. Please contact us for more information.

Men's breakfast meets the second Saturday of every month at 9am in the Fellowship Hall.

Men's prayer time meets every Tuesday morning at 6am in Pastor Brian's office.


Men's Revival Day 1- Pete Morgan 5/14/18

Men's Revival Day 2 - Drew Cheathan 5/15/18

Men's Revival Day 3 - Matt Homan 5/16/18

Men's Revival Day 4 - Ronnie Scott 5/17/18